Thank you for using Fabulist pro. Regarding your question, to get design like in fabmasonry you need to go to dashboard-> appearance-> customize-> homepage section-> latest blog section and set the design layout to image focus.

I do understand that part and tried it.
But my problem is, that this switches the whole blog into image focus. Not only the latest blog front page but also the category blog pages. In your free FabMasonry theme, which I still use because of this the start latest blog page is image focus but when navigating to the categories the classic “non image focus” style is seen. I would like to have that in FabulistPro as well.

Regarding your second issue, we have updated the theme and resolved the issue in version 2.0.2. Please update your theme.

Thank you for that. Works Flawless on all devices I could check 🙂

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