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    Couple questions.
    1. How to change “site identity” background color or add images?
    2. How to remove the header image on each page?
    3. How to add a different header image on different pages?
    4. How to customize the page contents by formating a paragraph with double space or single space?


    Shark Themes

    Hello @kenlu08

    Thank you for considering Kiddiz. Here are your answers.
    1. Go to dashboard -> appearance -> customize to change the site identity and background color/images.
    2. You can’t remove header image from pages if you remove the default header image will appear. It is done to justify the layout of the theme.
    3. Please set featured image for each page to have different header images for each page.
    4. Please use classic block to get formatting options for paragraphs.

    Shark Themes



    One more question:

    Is it possible to change image lightness? I upload a bright header image, but I feel the image becomes dark image afterward.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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