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    Wow, very beautiful scheme, simple, nice colours.
    If I have more content good chance to go for the pro option.

    Potential Small Bugs:
    – In mobile view the menu button is always shown, even if not menu exists.
    – Disable Show Slide to Top not possible (in my configuration the arrow to top is always shown)

    Features I miss:
    Enable Topbar in mobile view (iPhone)
    – permanent unhide option (like sticky header) would be highly beneficial as specially mobile user want to call or mail directly
    – option to show (unihide) Topbar while scroll up

    Question to social menu:
    I didn’t understood how to simply work with the social menu, where can I choose facebook, google… or do I have to setup pages for each one? Is there any supporting documentation on this feature?

    At all a nice useable scheme I would like to keep.

    Shark Themes

    Hello Str84wod

    Thank you for your suggestions, we will work on it in future. Regarding social menu you need to create social menu and assign to social location and just paste your social link in custom link in menu items.

    Shark Themes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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