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    Roland Schmid

    How can I switch “text-transform: capitalize” to “text-transform: none” globally via Custom CSS?

    Roland Schmid

    Maybe I have to explain the issue in detail:
    The Theme CSS-File contains a lot of “text-transform: capitalize” that we don’t want to have.
    That’s why I configured Custom CSS like this:
    .entry-title, .section-title, .site-title, #secondary .widget-title, #secondary .widgettitle, .post-navigation a, .posts-navigation a, .read-more, .main-navigation ul.sub-menu li a { text-transform: none;}
    .single-post .entry-meta > span { text-transform: none; }
    .single-post .entry-meta span.tags-links { text-transform: none; }

    Is there a general option to set text-transform to “none” instead of overriding every single class?

    Roland Schmid

    I don’t understand what you mean by “Awesome Support”. I posted two questions here and did not get an answer for 5 days.

    Shark Themes

    Hello Roland

    Thank you for using Corporate Blue. We apologize for late reply. Please send us your questions in our email from contact page for quick response. We are having too many spam support comments, therefore we are unable to respond in support forum in time.
    Well as you have done is the correct way to solve your issue.

    Shark Themes

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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