Simple Sticky Note

Add a instant short note, quote or any sensative short data for your self or everyone from frontend. You do not have to take hassle to create post. It can be useful for your daily work routine, personal data collection or brainy quotes showcase.


= Using The WordPress Dashboard =
* Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
* Search for Simple Sticky Note
* Click Install Now
* Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

= Uploading in WordPress Dashboard =
* Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
* Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
* Select from your computer
* Click ‘Install Now’
* Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

= Using FTP =
* Download
* Extract the st-sticky-note directory to your computer
* Upload the st-sticky-note directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
* Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
= Permalink Setup =
* Go to Settings -> Permalinks and click on “Save Changes” if your sticky notes does not display ( Conditional )


= Defaults Atts :- =
* column = 3 ( max num value 6 )

= Sticky Note Shortcode: =

Customization and Flexibility

Since sticky notes are displayed in grids, It gives you liberty to select column option from 1 to 6 column. It is fully responsive, therefore you won’t have any problem going through in any device.


* As you install and activate plugin
* Note: Only Administrator Role can create the sticky note
* Create a page for sticky note ( Note: Make visibility private if you don’t want others to see the notes )
* Add shortcode to initialize the Sticky Note Page
* Save and view the page.

How to use

* As you create page, view the page
* Click on Note Title to add a note
* After you add title and content you just need to click outside the form to save
* Double click to edit or delete

For Developers

= If there is multiple Administrators and use sticky note page for personal use and only show personal notes as user logged in =
* Add the following code in your theme/website

function author_filter_function(){
return true;
add_filter( ‘st_sticky_note_filter_by_author’, ‘author_filter_function’ );


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