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Gutenberg Block

Since version 5.0, WordPress has supported Gutenberg Blocks and has evolved to Full Site Editing. We created a dynamic AI Related Products Block for your convenience. You can now easily display customer-oriented products anywhere on your site, including pages, posts, and widget areas.

To use the AI Related Products block, you must have WordPress Version 5.6. This feature is only available in the Pro Version.

As you create or edit a page, follow the instruction as shown below to add our block.

  1. Search For AI Related Product Block
  2. You should see the block with the filter icon as shown in the screenshot above.
  3. Products will load in the editor with default settings as shown in the screenshot above.
    Setting Options On the Right Side
  4. Set the number of products you want to display.
  5. Set the number of columns for the layout of related products.
  6. NEW, You can sort the products in random order or by date.
  7. NEW, Now you can change the products list from grid layout to carousel.
  8. You can filter the products based on the recent number of products, the user has already ordered or purchased.
  9. With this option, you can filter the products by including or excluding items from the user’s shopping cart.
  10. As your visitors visit the product page, the data is saved in a browser cookie. With this option, you can enable to filter the products with the reference of your visitors’ past products visit.
  11. Using this option, you can further filter the products by choosing only those that are on sale, featured, or are the best-selling.