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AI Related Products offers the finest technique to interact with and upsell your products to your loyal customers by identifying the customer’s prior history. We have provided you with a variety of filtering options and product display choices to draw the attention of your customers.

The ability to display your customers’ desired products repeatedly and in various ways will be a bonus. Your online store will have a greater chance of attracting and engaging customers as the use cases grow. You will consequently see a boost in your sales rate.

WooCommerce AI Related Products has 4 scopes to show the products that can draw the attention of your customers and upsell your products.

Single Product Page Related Products

By default, in a single product page, WooCommerce shows random products. With this plugin, you can disable the default random products and show the products that can have high potential to grab attention of your loyal customers.

Gutenberg Block

This plugin provides you dynamic block to show the products of your customers’ interest anywhere in your site. It can be shown in pages, posts and widget areas i.e. sidebars, footer widget areas, etc. through block.


This plugin offers you shortcode feature to show the products that your customers’ are interested in. Shortcode is supported in both blocks and classical editor.


We have built an API to extend your data to your associated apps and other digital platforms. You can target your loyal customers by offering them with the products that fascinates them through your apps, emails and other means by the help of API.